Who We Are

Who We Are

Florida Prime Soccer Academy is committed to individual development both on and off the field. We strive to produce young achievers who will contribute to the greater world as well as their teams. 

  • Player & Person Development First
  • Prime Soccer Academy Player Development Pyramid
  •  Technical – Tactical – Physical – Psychological
  •  Visual – Auditory – Reading/Writing – Kinesthetic
  • The Modern Player – Data & Analysis
  •  Coaching Development = Player Improvement
  •  Prime Soccer Academy Coaching Staff
  •  Full Club Family – Signing on Event & Awards Night

Our academy is a collective of constantly self-improving coaches striving to develop hard-working athletes.

Individual development on and off the field is critical. A coach’s role and responsibility above anything is to develop everyone within his or her team, both as a player and as a young person. Winning is a by product of developing coaches, teams and players. Dominating wins is a by product of months of consistent work and belief of a certain style of play to ensure everyone is improving and understanding why we do different things and what importance these things have.

Player Development

Age Group Focuses

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